Hey, nice to meet you. I'm a solo translator/scanlator that prefers projects in the romance genre, especially if they're fluffy. I'll work on other things too though, just to keep it interesting. I upload my manga projects to MangaDex and put the light novel translations up on this site.

   If you're wondering about the site URL, it's a domain I've had sitting around for a few years, so I figured I might as well make use of it. I had originally been planning to make a browser game. Long story short, I gave up for various reasons, one of those being that Javascript in a browser is single threaded. I might still make a game called Witchcraft.Academy someday, but who knows. As for why I chose that name in the first place, at the time I thought it'd be cool to integrate the top-level domain into the name. So I went through a list of the ones available at the time, and tried to think of decent names going along with them. Eventually, after making sure that the .academy top-level domain wasn't restricted to educational usage, I settled on this one. I got pretty excited when I realized that it abbreviated to WC.A, which I figured could be pronounced like Wicca, a pagan religion often associated with witchcraft– not that the magic in the game was going to be anything like it.

   Welp, that's that, thanks for visiting!

If you'd like to contact me, drop me an email at sleepyfoxscans@gmail.com.