March 28, 2020

All names in the text are Japanese order, i.e. Family-name Given-name, unless I make a mistake.

Character Introductions

Itou Daijirou

A second year at Matsuzato High School. He's so perverted that he tends to lose himself when he encounters something lewd.

Haijima Koharu

A first year at Sukiyanagi Academy. She's an honor student that serves as class rep. Her power is "psychokinesis".

Oonuki Kuroudo

Daijirou's classmate and childhood friend. He's an anime otaku that's only receptive to 2-D girls.

Sakai Ryou

Daijirou's classmate. He's a flashy guy who calls himself the mixer master.

Nakai Tatsuya

Daijirou's classmate. He's a handsome lone wolf who's always dressed according to hip hop fashion.

Minase Tami

Koharu's classmate. She has a docile and quiet personality. Her power is "teleportation".

Senoo Rinko

Koharu's classmate. She sees herself as Koharu's rival. Her power is "pyrokinesis".

Aizawa Aya

Koharu's classmate. She seems like a flirty gyaru. Her power is "telepathy".