Ore to Kanojo no Koi wo Chounouryoku ga Jamashiteru.

Author: Sukemoto Tamaki | Artist: Itsui

Ore to Kanojo no Koi wo Chounouryoku ga Jamashiteru.

Superpowers Are Getting in the Way of My Love with Her | Love with her is disturbed by PK

SleepyFoxScans: The first light novel I'm working on. I haven't read it in a while, but I'm pretty sure I liked it. I'll rediscover why as you guys discover it for the first time! If the reason I liked it was the writing, then well, I guess I'll just have to hope I did a decent job translating it.
   The male MC is pretty typical old school: a guy that's average in basically all ways. He's just one of the more perverted types. I guess that might be less common these days with all the "Marty Stu" type MCs in the isekai genre and whatnot.  Not sure how fluffy people will find this or if this could even be considered fluffy in any way, but it's a romcom, so there's that.

Volume 1 Synopsis

Love awakens between a guy who's a bit of a dope and a girl with superpowers?

"Uhm.....could we rent this DVD together?" Itou Daijirou, who attends an all-boys high school, visits a rental video store late one night. There, he's "hit on" by a lone girl. From this event, the two become friends. Daijirou is having fun, but feels dissatisfied that they can only ever meet at night for a short time. Actually, he gets another weird feeling too. Mysterious phenomena happen when he's with her, like objects that move and break without being touched. In truth, the girl – Haijima Koharu – awakened special powers when she was young. And along with other girls who also awakened their powers, she's being kept isolated from society – an esper who lives her life in a research facility. She slips out of the facility night after night, enjoying her secret adventures in town. However, some of her classmates find out what she's up to, and things develop from there...
A boy-meets-psychic-girl, youthful love comedy!

Volume 1 — Original Pub. 4/28/2017

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