Seishun no After

Mangaka: Midori No Ruupe

Seishun no After

After Youth

Joint with Acorn

Description: Makoto Toba hates everyone in his class. Everyone except Sakura Toowa, an introverted high school girl who lives with her grandma and loves video games. But one day, Sakura disappears(?) right in front of Makoto. Makoto continues to visit the site of her disappearance on the anniversary for the next 16 years. That is, until Sakura comes back from the time slip she was stuck in, and to her not a moment has passed. Now at 32 with a girlfriend, Makoto has to take care of his 16-year-old childhood crush. What could possibly go wrong?

SleepyFoxScans: A manga that's quite different from what I normally work on. I have a soft spot for it though, so I pretty much forced Acorn to let me help with it. I'm always a fan of stories that play around with time, and this one has an interesting message, in my opinion.

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