Waga Itoshi no Wota Kanojo [Handed over to GenericScans]

Author: Ryuryu Sink | Artist: SAKURA

Waga Itoshi no Wota Kanojo [Handed over to GenericScans]

My Beloved "Wota" Girlfriend

Description: Would you like an otaku girlfriend? Obviously the answer is NO, But...

She comes to school only 3 days a week, has a sickly body, is smart, super popular, and is a cool beauty, shes "mysterious heroine" Shiraishi Yuki.

And an "ordinary protagonist" Sakai Haruhiko, nothing stands out about him and hes a harmless guy who does not seems like a protagonist at all.

The heroine that the protagonist fell in love without knowing anything, is actually a super closet hikkikomori otaku!!

Thus, this is his story to understand her hobbies, while walking in the thorny otaku path.

SleepyFoxScans: My first requested project. I meant to take on more, but I ended up not being able to for the time being. I haven't even made another release beyond a single chapter at the point I'm writing this either ;_;. Sorry to the person who requested it. I'll try to put more out!

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