March 20, 2020


   Hey visitor, thanks for coming. I assume that if you're here, you've probably come over because you read my scanlations (and the credit pages, at that), so thanks for reading too!

   I decided to set a site up so that I had somewhere to host some light novel translations that I've been thinking of starting on. And since I was doing that anyway, I've also set donations up, since I've had a couple people ask if I accepted them. I'll also make a post whenever I release a manga chapter, in case anyone ever wants to check this site for that reason. You'll find RSS feeds toward the bottom of the sidebar, if those are your thing.

   If you want to comment, I've set a Discourse forum up that embeds comments under the posts. If you want to leave one, just hit the discussion button and it'll take you to the corresponding forum thread. You can sign up through Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Discord at the moment. I hope that makes it easier since I'm sure most people don't want to have to make yet ANOTHER account, especially to comment on a tiny little scanlator's site. I'm not really expecting too many comments, if any, but it'd be nice to see some!

   If you think the URL is weird, I have an explanation in the About page. Again, thanks for visiting, and may the fluff be with you.

I technically made this for a new group called Lazy Fox, but it also looks sleepy and I made it, so why not use it here, right? Right!?